Child Internet Safety Roadshow






The Child Internet Safety road-show is a highly experiential environment for parents to learn about the dangers and importance of internet security and how to protect their children using the devices they have in their homes.

After the huge success of the summit in July 2013 & 2014, and the feedback received from various stakeholders, coupled with our own in-depth research, this tour will equip parents with the knowledge to protect their children from online dangers.
Using a road-show truck tour we have created a high-impact, memorable and unique platform that will allow us to:

Take the campaign directly to the target audience face-to-face

Allow parents to learn hands-on about internet security and demonstrate how to correctly enable filters and devices in their own homes.

Promote the most effective products, software and resources to protect their children, highlighting new developments and features.

Project a highly visible UK wide presence enabling us to reach the most vulnerable via a brand that is fast becoming the seal of approval for child internet safety.

Create a positive behaviour change in the home by educating the most hard to reach.

“We all need to work together, both to prevent children from accessing pornography and educate them about keeping safe online, and I will continue to ensure this happens.”

David Cameron

The Child Internet Safety Road show will support the UK Government to protect children from online dangers by taking the message directly to parents in majors cities around the country. The tour will feature trusted brands that are pro-actively highlighting the benefits of using their service/product safely.

The main focus of the road-show is to engage with parents and show them how their household gadget or potential mobile phone, tablet, PC or software can effectively protect their child from online dangers. The vehicle will be modified with the brands featuring internally and externally bringing it to life in highly engaging road-show experience.